[jitsi-dev] Force Stereo and High Bitrate in Jitsi Meet?

Are these options available if you don’t have jigasi on your system?

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I am also very interested in high quality audio the param referenced by paul-zwarts seems to be for jigasi (which I understand is for SIP). I will do some testing to see if those params can be applied to the jitsi-video-bridge and make a difference.

I definitely second a way to easily switch Voice vs Music mode in Jitsi.


There is a second line in the same configuration file which is in the XMPP section. It says it is “for control purposes” which I do not know what that is. I have played with that one as well, setting it to a higher value like referenced above. It seems to have an effect but I dont really have an idea how to test that.

Again, can this only be done if you’ve implemented Jigasi? Any way to do it with a straight Jitsi-meet implementation?

@paul-zwarts I’m also interested if this would also work without Jigasi.

Also as far as I understand the stereo mode is only possible if the URL parameters are set by the initiator of the meeting room and cannot only be set only in the session that is playing stereo music. Does this also mean that the audio processing will be deactivated for all “reqular” microphone users or is there a way to enable this only for one session?

I have not tested if the URL param method is “set” for all users in the session so cannot confirm that. This was all done on a docker install which has jigasi prepackaged. i am not using ubuntu so cannot answer any of these questions.