[jitsi-dev] for you Jabberers and your Sykpe user friends


Hi All,

time to spread the word about Skype and Open Source, Jabber and Jingle nodes.

Now is a good time to convince and help friends to leave Skype and join Jabber.

People have a comfort zone and don't like to change from the old and familiar
to something new. Help them with registering a Jabber account and their first
steps. They can then teach others.

Microsoft patents spy tech for Skype




Regards, Earl


Several questions about Event Sounds...

1) The Incoming Call sound seems to play only once for an incoming call. Thus, with a sound clip containing a single ring, only one ring is heard, even though the Incoming Call event persists for many seconds. Can Jitsi be made to loop a clip on certain types of events that have long duration (like Incoming Calls)? Or do I have to use a custom sound clip which has repeating rings for some long period of time? (which seems a bit kludgey)

2) Are there plans to add an event type for "IM contact online" and "IM contact offline" ? Or is that already there, by a different name?

Thank you!