[jitsi-dev] Follow the link https://desktop.jitsi.org/Documentation/ConfigureEclipseNew , when run the sipcommuncator but reasult the error


Unknown argument: -Dfelix.config.properties=file:lib/felix.client.run.properties
Jitsi 2.11.0.build.by.SVN
Usage: jitsi [OPTIONS] [uri-to-call]

  -c, --config=DIR use DIR for config files
  -d, --debug print debugging messages to stdout
  -h, --help display this help message and exit
  -m, --multiple do not ensure single instance
  -6, --ipv6 prefer IPv6 addresses where possible only
  -4, --ipv4 forces use of IPv4 only
  -v, --version display the current version and exit
  -n, --notray disable the tray icon and show the GUI