[jitsi-dev] FFMQ evaluation

I contacted Sylvain, the FFMQ developer. He gave me some useful feedback:

- he is not aware of anybody already using it as an OSGi bundle
(although it doesn't appear hard to do)

- In-memory transport (instead of TCP port) is supported, provider URLs
look like this:
Default engine name is engine1, so the URL would be : vm://engine1

and from my own analysis:

- this manual page shows how to launch it within an application (rather
than standalone) and could be used as the basis for an OSGi bundle
startup method:

- it should probably be configured to disable all persistent
storage/disk access by default

- it only needs two JARs, commons-logging and JMS spec

- there would need to be two OSGi bundles
   - an FFMQ server bundle - people could choose not to run this if they
have their own JMS, e.g. ActiveMQ
   - a JMS client bundle - this would actually connect to the queues,
handle instructions received over JMS and call the relevant API methods
in Jitsi