[jitsi-dev] Feature Request: Sign In/Out Notifications

I would like to enable notifications for when a buddy signs in, so that
I can carry on working while waiting to start an OTR or ZRTP session
with someone and not have to keep checking the buddy list, and when they
sign out, so that I can get clearer visual feedback when someone's
internet connection has broken during text conversation.

To that end, can separate entries for 'Buddy Signed In' and 'Buddy
Signed Out' please be added to the 'Events' list in Jitsi's options,
like the incoming message notifications - in that they will say which
buddy has signed in or out.

I think that list could be even further improved if there was an option
for advanced users to add an event for things that you might not have
considered a use case for, using any interrupts or states of the
program, which they then might send in as a patch for general use.

Please let me know if this is unclear or I should add a ticket. Many
thanks for all your efforts so far; I greatly appreciate the improved
history & privacy interfaces.

- Andrew Drummond