[jitsi-dev] Feature request: multiple OTR authentication



I have a communication partner which talks on two different
platforms and thus has two different finger prints.

IS: Whenever he switches jitsi's OTR asks again to authenticate
him. As a result, the user (me) gets bored checking again and
again and thus merely acknowledges the changed fingerprint.

WANTED: Jitsi should be able to store several fingerprints for
each partner and accept each of them as valid.

It would be nice if such a feature could be implemented by
someone. I think that would drastically increase the security.
(As I am not a programmer I can't propose a fix myself.)

Kind regards,


\ /| Michael Nüsken, b-it computer security,
\/ | Room 1.22, Dahlmannstr. 2, 53113 Bonn,
\ | ++49/228/2699-214, ++49/228/2619334,
  \| <http://cosec.bit.uni-bonn.de/~nuesken/>.