[jitsi-dev] Feature request - multiple buddy select


I would like to know whether there is any particular reason why group
operations (group chat, audio or video) are being done only via a
command that brings up buddy list from which one can select participant
only one by one.

A (imo) much less cumbersome alternative would be the skype'ish way of
multiple-selecting all participants in the buddy list and then selecting
desired operation via right click menu.

To make a video conference call now: Tools-> Create a Conference call
-> select and add all participants one by one
Alternative: Select all participants in buddy list while holding Ctrl
down -> right click -> Select video call, call, chat.....

I think such change would be more intuitive and require much less clicks.

If this is for some reason undesired, could there be at least multiple
select enabled in the current dialogue where one is selecting contacts
(e.g. after Tools-> Create a Conference call, or when trying to add new
participants to existing chat )?