[jitsi-dev] Feature in RawUdpTransportManager getLocalHostLanAddress()


The above has a feature in it whereby it selects local network addresses for interfaces that don't work.

I have changed it myself as follows to ignore certain local interfaces. It may be that someone would wish to make a similar change to the main branch. It may be that the change is not useful to other people, but I thought it might be - hence the email. It caused some interesting exceptions.

     private static InetAddress getLocalHostLanAddress()
             throws UnknownHostException


             for (Enumeration<NetworkInterface> networkInterfaces =

                  networkInterfaces.hasMoreElements(); )
                 NetworkInterface networkInterface =
                 // Iterate all IP addresses assigned to each card...

*** I have added the four following lines.

                 if (networkInterface.isUp()==false) continue;
                 if (networkInterface.isLoopback()) continue;
                 if (networkInterface.isVirtual()) continue;
                 if (networkInterface.isPointToPoint()) continue;