[jitsi-dev] error: package org.json.simple does not exist

# ant make-and-deploy
found error messages :
error: package org.json.simple does not exist

lib/json-simple-1.1.1.jar path already been added to /etc/environment

*here the results:*

Buildfile: /home/eclipsewokspace/jitsi-android/build.xml



[checkenv] Android SDK Tools Revision 23.0.5
[checkenv] Installed at /tes1/android-sdk-linux

     [echo] Project Name: jitsi-android
  [gettype] Project Type: Application

[getbuildtools] Using latest Build Tools: 21.0.2
     [echo] Resolving Build Target for jitsi-android...
[gettarget] Project Target: Android 4.4.2
[gettarget] API level: 19
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Creating output directories if needed...
    [mkdir] Created dir: /home/eclipsewokspace/jitsi-android/bin/rsObj
    [mkdir] Created dir: /home/eclipsewokspace/jitsi-android/bin/rsLibs
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Resolving Dependencies for jitsi-android...
[dependency] Library dependencies:
[dependency] No Libraries
[dependency] ------------------
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Building Libraries with '${build.target}'...
   [subant] No sub-builds to iterate on

[mergemanifest] No changes in the AndroidManifest files.
     [echo] Handling aidl files...
     [aidl] No AIDL files to compile.
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Handling RenderScript files...
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Handling Resources...
     [aapt] No changed resources. R.java and Manifest.java untouched.
     [echo] ----------
     [echo] Handling BuildConfig class...
[buildconfig] Generating BuildConfig class.


    [javac] Compiling 5 source files to
error: package org.json.simple does not exist
    [javac] import org.json.simple.*;
    [javac] ^
error: cannot find symbol
    [javac] public RecorderEvent(JSONObject json)
    [javac] ^
    [javac] symbol: class JSONObject
    [javac] location: class RecorderEvent
    [javac] 2 errors

/tes1/android-sdk-linux/tools/ant/build.xml:720: The following error
occurred while executing this line:
/tes1/android-sdk-linux/tools/ant/build.xml:734: Compile failed; see the
compiler error output for details.

Total time: 7 seconds

why the error still present, how to compile jitsi-android use ant command
line ?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards