[jitsi-dev] Enhancement Request: Send SMS Message from Jitsi

Hi Developers,

Thank for for the great project that I use daily and will continue to use
because it works great and because wonderful developers make it better

So I have a request on an improvement for Jitsi. Understandably, it may not
be a top priority or needed now or ever, but I'll make my plea as someone
else may find this helpful. If I knew Java, I would look into implementing
this on my own and improving Jitsi by sharing my contribution, but I don't
yet know Java and it would likely take a long time for me to learn it.

At my work we do password resets for our customers very, very often as our
application doesn't have a way for the customer to reset their own password
yet. The temporary password that we provide the customer is 12 lowercase
letters with digits. 90% of the customers need to have the password read
back to them at least twice even though we phonetically spell the password.
Also there's one company that will email in at least twice a day notifying
us that they need different account passwords reset, so we write back
stating they can call in for the password as we don't just email passwords
to customers.

Use case example:
Virtually all our customers have the ability to send/receive text messages
since they have smart phones or mobile phones. In an ideal world, the
typical customer would call in, we would verify the account, reset the
password and send password via text message to the customer via Jitsi. If
the company I mentioned emailed in, all we would then need to do is reset
the password and send a text message.

I know not all SIP providers support SMS, but some do and more and more are
looking into supporting it. Jitsi is known to support many types of
accounts and I think this would benefit those who would like to send SMS



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