[jitsi-dev] Encryption with Jitsi Video Bridge and Jitsi client


I know that this has been discussed somewhere before but can't find the
answer in the ZRTP and SRTP FAQ.

What I want to know is what the status is regarding securing the
audio/video when using the Jitsi desktop client with the Video Bridge.

As I have understood it is not possible to use ZRTP end to end as the
Video Bridge needs to do some rewriting of the packages or read some of
the encrypted information (?).

Currently I think the communication between the clients and the Video
Bridge are done totally in clear text, right?
Looking in the call information dialog shows "Media stream transport
protocol : UDP / RTP" and does not mention SRTP as when setting up
normal call.

On the other hand I found some commits indicating that some work has
been going on for encryption on the video bridge like this:
"Adds support for DTLS-SRTP with Jitsi Videobridge. (5e1948b)"

Is this perhaps only used with Jitsi Meet?