[jitsi-dev] EFF CUP (Crypto Usability Prize) Workshop, July 9

Dear Jitsi team: I'm writing to let you know about the upcoming EFF Crypto
Usability Prize (EFF CUP) Workshop scheduled for July 9 in Menlo Park, CA.
In short, we're hoping to organize a contest this year to recognize the
best tools for users to achieve secure end-to-end encrypted messaging. More
info about the workshop is available here:
https://cups.cs.cmu.edu/soups/2014/workshops/effcup.html This workshop is
*not* the competition and attendance isn't required for entering the
competition (assuming we go forward with it), it's simply an opportunity to
plan how to run the competition in the most productive way possible. We
have many academic researchers interested in usability and security
planning to attend but we want to make sure we also have some developers to
ground the discussion. We'd love to have a member of the team attend the
workshop to participate in discussions and, if interested, give a brief
presentation about Jitsi's security/usability design approach has been and
what challenges you've faced. If you're interested in presenting please
send a very short note to effcup@eff.org by May 15 (as described on the
workshop description page). Please get in touch if you have any questions
about the workshop and if you'd like us to get in touch in the future about
the EFF CUP as our plans develop! Cheers, Joseph Bonneau