[jitsi-dev] Dynamic Mic and Speaker Change While on Call for Jitsi


Hello All,

When we tried Jitsi version six or so months ago, jitsi did not support
switching the live audio (mic and speaker streams) dynamically to a newly
plugged-in headset while on call in addition to not supporting
identification of plugged-in audio headset even while not on call. We've
enhanced detecting and refreshing the audio devices list for dynamically
plugged audio devices. Incidentally we've seen these mailing lists that
Jitsi dev team seem to have this feature added. Additionally, we've also
enhanced portaudio for WASAPI (such that audio device names do not get cut
off in Jitsi) and would be willing to share this with the community.

What we'd like to do is to enhance jitsi to be able to dynamically support
audio session/stream change-over for mic and speaker. We've gone through the
jitsi code but do not have clarity on the starting point where -
package/class - a stream is created for mic and speaker for a new call at
the beginning.

If some competent person can share his inputs to help complete the above
early, will be very appreciative. Once completed, would be willing to share
this capability with the community.



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