[jitsi-dev] Document Sharing

Hi Devs,
I'm using jitsi-meet and I'm trying to add new features/modules to it, now
I'm looking for some sort of document sharing feature to create a more
collaborative place for a common meeting.
Prezi feature is nice and I really like it, when a new prezi is created I
can see a new thumbnail and the presentation inside it, it's not the same
when I use Etherpad or this kind of collaboration app because it's doesn't
create the thumbnail for you.
Is it possible to have something like that for etherpad as well ? I was
thinking about sharing a PDF with the same behavior of Etherpad but with
the little thumbnail just like what Prezi does, I don't necessarly want to
rely on an external online service. Have you ever created a feature like
that ? If it doesn't doesn't exist I can try to create a new module for it
but I don't know if there's a starting point or some sort of tutorial. Are
there any docs for it ? I'm looking at the JS source code for creating a
module but I'm always looking for a better alternative, if any.