[jitsi-dev] dev Digest, Vol 45, Issue 108



So far so good with an attempted Jitsi Meet install on my local machine-
thanks @damencho && @ Emil!

My laptop monitor is 1368 by 768 ( stock resolution on several laptops, as
you no doubt know). In this setting, the blue panel with the features list
is only partly visible- the 2nd row is entirely cut off.

IS there a way to instantiate a custom scrollbar
<http://manos.malihu.gr/jquery-custom-content-scroller/> on page load? On a
normal index.html the divs are accessible but this one seems to assemble
disparate parts on the fly! Basically, where do I declare something like :


so that those interested can scroll through the blue panel on the
welcome page and
read the salient features in both rows?

A rough illustration of what I'm getting at is attached using a screengrab.
As you can see, the second row of features is entirely cut off on
typical laptop
screen resolutions- no idea about bigger monitors.
I'd very much like a scrollbar so the full list of features is accessible.

Thanks for any advice with this - I'm poking around the files *very*
tentatively because I do
not want to misapply any settings, and this index.html is quite
sophisticated for an amateur coder!

Thanks and Best Regards,