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Hi Boris Grozev,

Many thanks for the clarification - the timeout is only the result of the proposed candidates validity check, and they have nothing to do with the streaming.

On further checking/experiment using wireshark running on the xmpp/jvb server:
I observed that there are continuous UDP data streaming from both the
Jitsi-android ( and Jitsi-windows (
to the JVB server (port map from )

==== wireshark log ========
12403 0.000000000 UDP 148 5000 → 10003 Len=104
12404 0.014788975 UDP 62 5000 → 10001 Len=15
12405 0.014788975 UDP 62 5000 → 10001 Len=15
12406 0.022708100 UDP 144 5000 → 10003 Len=100
12407 0.040265327 UDP 141 5000 → 10003 Len=97



However I did not see any UDP data streaming from JVB ( to either jitsi-android or jitsi-windows.
Any advice on what else can I check to understand why there is no udp streaming data sent from jvb?
What can be the possible reasons (option not set?) that cause jvb failed to streaming UDP data?

Thanks & Regards,
CM Eng

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   1. Re: [jitsi-videobridge] Missing remote downstream RTP media
      (audio/video) - Jitsi-Videobridge BUG ??? (Boris Grozev)
   2. [jitsi-android] What are future plans for this project? (cmeng.gm)


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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 21:43:54 -0600
From: Boris Grozev <boris@jitsi.org>
To: Jitsi Developers <dev@jitsi.org>
Subject: Re: [jitsi-dev] [jitsi-videobridge] Missing remote downstream
  RTP media (audio/video) - Jitsi-Videobridge BUG ???
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On 11/02/16 21:18, cmeng.gm wrote:


After an in depth investigation on the problem, following are my findings:

(Note: timestamp may not teddy with clients and JVB server logs as
they are captured at different day/time;

During investigation, one of the jabberd client is a jitsi-android
(self enhanced version) which provides full xmpp logs and debug messages.

The observed problem also happen on jitsi-windows and jitsi-ubuntu,
hence ruling out jitsi-android as the cause.)

When connected to jit.si server, the jabberd client did received
“ReceiveStreamPushBufferDataSource” from JVB and proceed to setup the
full audio graph

to receiving incoming downstream audio data as seen from the log.

====== log on android-jitsi (log on jit.si server) ============

02-10 14:37:30.355: I/Jitsi(12450): [96] net.sf.fmj.media.Log.info()
Resetting queue, last seq added: 9223372036854775806, current seq:

02-10 14:37:30.355: I/Jitsi(12450): [97] fmj.createProcessor() ###
Creating Processor for DataSource ###:
for type: raw


However, when connected to my own XMPP/JVB server, there is no
downstream audio received i.e. missing
“ReceiveStreamPushBufferDataSource” from JVB.

This leads to the observed problem as it does not procced to setup the
incoming decoding audio graph, and hence there is no audio received on

#### Following depict the actual own system setup for investigation:

NAT Port map 10000~20000 for <==> as
required when JVB is behind NAT.

# NAT setting if run behind firewall for sip-communicator.properties


org.jitsi.videobridge.NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS= (XMPP/JVB) < == (Public) <=====> (public) ==> (jitsi-windows)

                                                               >> (jitsi-android) <==

I then proceed to execute JVB under live mode and captured the log
message as below

Following are my conclusion/understanding from the logged messages:

1. Gather candidates for component audio.RTP/RTPC has harvested 2
proposed candidates for connection (see log).

2. CheckList.handleNominationConfirmed() confirm the selected
candidate pair for RTP/RTCP stream connection

#### Selected pair for stream audio.RTP: -> (audio.RTP)

#### Selected pair for stream audio.RTCP:
-> (audio.RTCP

3. JVB decides to use remote client local address “”
which is behind firewall for audio streaming. This leads to timeout

What makes you think that it uses this address? Do you see it sending media to it?

Initially, checks are sent for all pairs. The fact that some of them timeout does not mean that they are used. On the contrary, because checks sent from them timed out, they are considered failed and will
*not* be used.



Message: 2
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 11:49:42 +0800
From: "cmeng.gm" <cmeng.gm@gmail.com>
To: <dev@jitsi.org>
Subject: [jitsi-dev] [jitsi-android] What are future plans for this
Message-ID: <000001d16548$694eaef0$3bec0cd0$@gmail.com>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

Actually I have spent more than one year of personal effort in enhancing jitsi-andorid, with the following change history below.

I have found out that Jitsi has actually now own by a commercial company Atlassian. This has pulled me back to release the source. I have great concern it will become another example of genymotion; and the released source become copyrighted by Atlassian.

Any good advice.


CM Eng


Project Jitsi-Android Release Notes


Version: 0.4.0

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 01/25/2016


- Fixed coin(conference-info) IQ stanza handler by implementing IQRequestHandler


Version: 0.3.13

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 12/25/2015


- Removed g722 codec support; as libjng722.so has incomplete implementation

- Fixed handler problem when multiple jingle transport-info are received as stand-alone stanza;

  all except one are lost in sessionInitiateSyncRoot.wait() during video call - Empathy caller


Version: 0.3.12

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 12/05/2015


- Fixed to limit rotated previewSize not to exceed physical device supported dimensions

- Fixed to ensure local stream media player scaled dimension meets OpenGL requirements

- Fixed to ensure the local video preview display is in correct aspect ratio

- Removed unnecessary initRemoteVideo(callPeer) on resume - let remote video event triggers to improve VC reliability

- Removed fireVideoEvent in playerRealizeComplete(); let remote video event handles to improve VC reliability

- Added support for direct VideoCall in chat window


Version: 0.3.11

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 11/23/2015


- Fixed OpenGL Invalid Operation when incorrect video dimension given


Version: 0.3.10

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 11/20/2015


- Fixed audio graph creation errors (raw type handlers)

- Fixed local preview display incorrect proportional ratio in portrait mode

- Fixed resource access errors

- Implemented auto video rotation for remote video streaming

- Added support for jni lib auto ndk-builder/compilation

- Updated Opus jni source to latest 1.1.1rc release


Version: 0.3.9

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 10/14/2015


- Fixed avatar icon update problem

- Added participant join information

- Close chatPanel and leave chatRoom when chatRoom closed


Version: 0.3.8

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 10/13/2015


- Added sender avatar in message view holder

- Added Status for conference participants etc

- Fixed otr status and background color (was disabled while adding muc

- Fixed multiple panel created for the same chatroom

- Fixed notification pop and pending intend

Tag 0.3.7

- Added in muc room creation

- Display sender avatar and status

- Implemented notification sound and muc chatpanel open

Tag 0.3.6

- Added muc room creation

- Fixed system exceptions

Tag 0.3.5

- Implemented conference chat (major changes to Jitsi-android chat

- muc group chat basic function working

- muc room setup, invitation send and acceptInvitation

- multi-sessions support


Version: 0.3.3

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 09/18/2015


- Fixed ByteStream file transfer with multiple <streamhost/>

- Fixed smack Sock5ByteStream File Transfer Exception (smack routine)


Version: 0.3.2

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 09/09/2015


- Upgraded to Gradle 2.6

- Fixed all fmj initialization error (remove android incompatible codec)

- Fixed to use only fmj codec

- Added V8 video codec

- Fixed contactList exception on screen rotation


Version: 0.3.0

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 09/07/2015


- Ported to use Smack 4.1.3 library (first release - major changes)

- Add Stream Management support v2/v3

- Add Scram Authentication

- Add Smack debugger

- Add ping manager

Tag 0.2.3

- Major import of source from jitsi - fixed imported source errors

- update asmack dnsjava.jar source to 2.1.7

Tag 0.2.2

- Fix re-triggered file send request on android view redraw (view position

- Update filename for open on redraw (enable file button trigger)

- Clean up unused png files

- Implemented file transfer with BOB

- Fix file transfer with Jingle and multi-<streamhost/> sockets exception (support pidgin file transfer)

- fix call function


Version: 0.2.0

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 08/11/2015


- File transfer with IBB and Si fully implemented

- File / Folder open function working

- Change ContactListFragment to single instance (avoid multiple listener and file send)

Tag 0.1.10

- Full concurrent file transfer implemented

- File transfer structure revamp to support multi-file transfer

Tag 0.1.7 release

- cleanup FileTransferActivator

- Cleanup FileTransfer handlers (UI and events)

- Fixed all attachment options


Version: 0.1.5

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 07/24/2015


- Added file size check and thumbnail sending support - asmack si support need to change to support thumbnail rx

- Fixed camera photo / video attachment sending (need more work on file history implementation - incomplete jitsi implementation)

- Clean up UI


Version: 0.1.3

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 07/22/2015


- Added full implementation for file transfer support including notifications

- Added contact's history erase function


Version: 0.1.2

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 06/08/2015


- Added chatFragment background color based on encryption type and verification states

- Synchronize text entry with the actual remote JID (with multiple chatFragment on Adapter)

- Fixed otrContact resource comparing error when inject message

- Add missing resources

- Fixed speex path reference error

- Added auto update function

- Major import latest Jitsi source from windows and updated for android

- Modified build.xml to do proper setup-lib to avoid android conflict class

- Ported to use spongycastle instead of bouncycastle.jar

- Updated libjitsi.jar etc to split fmj.jar and neomedia libs-asset

- Deleted all jar classes in libs which have corresponding source imported.

- Fix build.gradle to add in native .so files for linkage

- Ported to use asmack 4.0 library - modified source to work with it.


Version: 0.1.1

Author: cmeng

Upload Date: 05/25/2015


- Implemented mult-dex support to overcome android 64K limit

- Implemented encryption OTR V3

- Fixed Known Finger Settings option

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