[jitsi-dev] dev Digest, Vol 16, Issue 64

Hi Jungle,

thanks for your hint to voicechatapi!
Did I get it correctly, that in case of webRTP the encryption is handled by the browser? I heared about that chromium is using DTLS-SRTP. Is this a kind of minimum standard for all implementations?

I checked the documentation at https://www.plivo.com/faq/
I can’t find anything about the network structure (peer-to-peer or via central server) for the audio connections. Do you know anything about it?

Creating our own server is rather a matter of decision-making and IT skills than of hosting expenses.

+++ till


El 25/07/2014, a las 09:34, dev-request@jitsi.org escribió:

Dear Till,
From: Till Zoppke <till.zoppke@pbi-deutschland.de>
Sent: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 21:39:29 +0200
To: Jitsi Developers
Subject: [jitsi-dev] peer-to-peer webRTC audio ?

we were trying out jitsi meet yesterday and were stunned by the easy user
interface. It seems much easier for us to start a conference by invoking a
website, and then posting the room-ID (this 16-digit random number link) to
any other participant. Today I saw Emil Ivov on floss weekly, very interesting!

Yes, it is very interesting.

However, our organization won't be able to run our own server with
videobridge and ?meet" in the near future.

Rent one from digital ocean for $5. :slight_smile:

And using another server might be difficult, as you have to trust and the
streams are not end-to-end encrypted, if I got it correctly.

Then setup your own server with an SSL cert.

Would it be possible to develop an audio-only "meet" server, that
- provides the HTML site with embedded JavaScript for the thin client
- generates a room-ID in the browser's address bar, that the initiator of the conference can forward to other participants
- does the required signaling to establish a peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted audio conference between the clients

Check out http://voicechatapi.com/ for voice only stuff

Such a Server would not require the huge bandwidth of a video-bridge, and
the service would be easier for the user than the traditional jitsi rich java
client. Key issue might be, if you can do audio-mixing with a thin-client.

Till Zoppke
Peace Brigades International (pbi)

e-mail: till.zoppke@pbi-deutschland.de
mobile: +49 151 40511083
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