[jitsi-dev] Desktop sharing extension not working anymore after update to 1.0.2098



I run Jitsi-meet (stable) on my Debian server and since the update to
versin 1.0.2098 the desktop sharing extension does not work. I even
repackaged it but it is the same.

When i click the share screen button i get a javascript popup with "Jitsi
Streamer requires an update. Changes will take effect after next Chrome
I click ok, after that another popup (this time from the web page, with
css) appears with "Failed to install desktop sharing extension".
Does not matter if i clear cookies, restart Chrome.

desktopSharingChromeExtId is correct in my config (used the same private
key for signing and checked the ID after repackage).

Attached my config and javascript console output.

jitsiconfig.txt (2.64 KB)

jitsiconsole.txt (14 KB)