[jitsi-dev] Default message target is SIP account which is disconnected


Hi, first some setup
I'm on win7 64bit, latest nightly (2.3.4710.9879)
I have 2 accounts in Jitsi SIP and XMPP (google)
My contacts have 2 contacts each one for SIP, one for XMPP
In the past versions of Jitsi the default IM target was the XMPP account (when double clickiong on contact in contact list)

In the latest nightly builds (I'm currently on 2.3.4710.9879) When I double click on a contact to send them a IM the default target of the message is the contacts SIP address even though my SIP account is disconnected and the XMPP account is connected

Bug? New behaviour that can be changed?