[jitsi-dev] debian branch on jitsi-meet


We need a place to store the debian packaging files and folders in
git, so as per discussion with Damian I'd like to ask you whether you
find creating a separate git branch for debian and moving all the
debian files there appropriate.

This way people who want just the web app jitsi-mmet, can grab it and
use it, without worrying about the debian folder which they are not
using at all. At the same time the code that is needed for manual
building of the packages will still be in git, in a branch.

Apart from the main package we'll also have there other packages, like
jitsi-meet-prosody and also eventually packages for integrating with
etherpad etc. Now we have only one debian folder and it is for the
main package, there is no room for all the different debian folders.
Later we can also have branches for RPM etc.

Does that sound OK to you?


Yasen Pramatarov
sysadmin, https://jitsi.org