[jitsi-dev] Custom ring sounds, several issues


Hi Devs and List :slight_smile:

experiencing several issues with the sounds settings.

1) When going to Settings > Events and selecting an audio signal, if I then press the play button, nothing happens.

What is expected: The sound shown with filepath should be played.

2) When changing the default (e.g.) ringtone to another wav file, that event no longer produces any audio output. e.g. I tried adjusting the default tone for incoming calls. Now I don't here anything, if I receive a call.

What is expected: The new wav file should be played.

3) Feature request: Allow more sound file formats. Only wav seems to be accepted currently. Aif, mp3 and mp4 support would be great.

As always: this is on latest OS X 10.8.2 and latest Jitsi nightly 1.1.4359.10120.

Hope this helps / best,

P.S.: Thx for fixing the superfluous HTML tags, which were shown for some contacts. I no longer see those.