[jitsi-dev] Current implementation of Desktop Sharing

Hi All,

I am trying to understand the way you have implemented the current Screen
Sharing OS Specifically. I am also very interested in to contribute to the
related GSoC idea.

This is also with reference to the mail I sent earlier [1].

As a start, I have tried to recompile the existing "
file in libjitsi git repo[2] and regenerate the screencapturing library.
These are the exact steps I performed. I am currently running Ubuntu 13.04

1) I first check the existing source for its functionality(without
modifying any) by rebuilding it. I checked the desktop sharing call with
another computer and It worked.

2) I cloned the libjitsi git repository[2] to the same folder which jitsi
source folder(which I cloned from[3]) exist.

3) Then I run "ant screencapture" on the libjitsi/build.xml . It said Build
Successfull and generated a new

4) Then I replaced existing
with newly generated "libjitsi/lib/native/linux-64/

Then I did the same step 1) to check the functionality but unfortunately it
didn't work without giving any error messages or error logs. (I have
enabled INFO logging in logging.properties)

Have I missed any important task?

Any help is highly appreciated.

[1] Previous Mail :
[2] libjitsi git repository : https://github.com/jitsi/libjitsi
[3] jitsi git repository : https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi

Thank you.

Malintha Amarasinghe.