[jitsi-dev] Creating a windows installer


Hello All,

I'm new in the Jitsi community, but I absolutely love the project. I did
some development as a part of a university project and now looking to
creation of an installer to make the changes available for my friends, who
use Windows 7.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find sufficient info on the topic: there is an
outdated article


that wasn't helpful, since as far as I can know WiX is used nowadays. The
problem is that I have very little experience with WiX, and all I'm looking
for is just a sequence of steps one should perform to get an .exe or .msi.
Would it be possible to post it here? I'm sure it will be very useful to
other newcomers..

Thank you in advance,


Please consult the dev mailing list thread "Jitsi installer on windows
64 and 32 bit" (http://java.net/nonav/projects/jitsi/lists/dev/archive/2011-07/message/169)
for an ongoing documentation effort on the subject of creating a
Windows installer.