[jitsi-dev] Crashes and audio problems on Android

I had a chance to test Jitsi between my Mum's Sero 7 Pro tablet and my
rather less powerful Ascend G300 smartphone yeterday, both in the same
room on the home WiFi.

At first, the sound received by the tablet was very choppy and
unintelligible. I managed to get it usable by disabling all codecs on
the smartphone except Speex 16000 though. I think I tried Speex 32000
and that was choppy again but I'm not certain about that. It may have
been that some other codecs would have worked too but I didn't have
time to test them all. I think there's been some recent discussion
that only OPUS or SILK offer the best protection against interception
though, so if I can't get either of those working with the smartphone
maybe I should just forget about using it for Jitsi voicecalls.

The smartphone wasn't receiving any audio from the tablet whatsoever
though (I tested the mic with another app and it's working fine). I
don't know if it could be that it's just not powerful enough to decode
the incoming audio, as Jitsi kept crashing every time I tried to using
it anyway (I sent the logs for a couple of these crashes). I'm not
sure how much RAM Jitsi requires but I did have around 100MB free
before one attempt and it still crashed. It tended to be during a call
that it had problems and it was unresponsive to the hangup button, or
maybe it hungup but then was left unresponsive on the call-in-progress

I also tested between PC and tablet and had issues with the sound only
working in one direction there as well that but I can't really recall
exactly what happened so I'll have to test again and report properly.