[jitsi-dev] CPU jump 120% on MAC OSX


Dear Lyubomir

I use all standard setting for MAC with portaudio and G722, the very strange issue is that on other MAC with same OS and Java version i can't reproduce the same issue, it only happens on my box.

In attach the Log files.


Archivio.zip (20.6 KB)



The attached log shows multiple OutOfMemoryErrors in ice4j's
MultiplexingDatagramSocket. The lack of Java heap space is likely to
cause noticeable CPU utilization increase because the Java process has
to desperately try to collect garbage.

The exhaustion of memory in MultiplexingDatagramSocket is probably an
issue we'd better address. For example, we could come up with a
strategy to drop datagrams.

However, SIP Communicator/Jitsi does normally read datagrams out of
MultiplexingDatagramSocket in a timely manner. That's why I'm guessing
that another problem has caused it to stop doing so thus driving
MultiplexingDatagramSocket to blow up in terms of memory. In order to
figure the problem out though, we'll definitely need steps to
reproduce the problem or heap and thread dumps.