[jitsi-dev] Contacts can be moved to deleted groups


An other bug - topic: group management

Expected Behaviour:
I delete a group, let's call it "XYZ". After deleting XYZ, it does not show up in any context menus anymore.

Actual Behaviour:
  * delete group XYZ
  * right-klick on contact ABC, chose "Move to group" -> the deleted group shows up

This only happens for the last(!) deleted Group!

For example:
  * create group UVW
  * delete group UVW
  * create group XYZ
  * delete group XYZ
  * use the Move to group menu -> only XYZ shows up

How to reproduce:
Follow the procedure just described above.

Also, maybe related to it:
sometimes deleted groups show up after restarting jitsi - but i can not reproduce it reliably.