[jitsi-dev] contact list in embedded web browser


I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of the following and if it's worth implementing:

the possibility to replace the current contact list tree with an embedded web browser (optionally, ie. via a property setting). This way, whenever a user wants to search for something, it sends (POST or GET methods) the search string to a user-defined web URL and renders the response in the embedded HTML widget.
This would allow for delegating programming of external search engines. And in some situations, this can be very powerful since the web developer can do whatever he/she pleases, independantly of how Jitsi is programmed and evolves. Jitsi would only have to render the HTML results (supposing that the embedded browser supports sip:, mailto: and other urls, it should be able to call numbers, open e-mail clients, etc. at a single click).

Is this already possible in Jitsi?

Another option would be to have a Jitsi trigger for the "search" event. ie. whenever a user searches for the string, optinally launch a custom "command"/ external script and pass it the search string as argument. This way, Jitsi will display whatever it wants in the contact list tree, as it does now, but it would also allow to say, launch a web browser or other app that searches for the string and displays the results in HTML, in another window.

Any ideas / feedback?