[jitsi-dev] Conference call transfer in jitsi (Repost)

Hi Dev,

           Did jitsi supports conference call transfer. I mean is it
possible to transfer a conference peer call that appearing in conference
call panel.

            I tried to customize the conference peer call panel and tried
to add the transfer button on status panel. It got added successfully. But
when I tried to click and transfer the call, it gives error.

          I tried to figure out the issue; and reached @ following code

            // We support transfer for one-to-one calls only.
        CallPeer initialPeer = call.getCallPeers().next();

        if (transferCalls == null)
            TransferActiveCallsMenu activeCallsMenu
                = new TransferActiveCallsMenu(
                    TransferCallButton.this, initialPeer, transferCalls);


       So I wonder is there any option to transfer the conference call..