[jitsi-dev] Collaboration / Advice on Jitsi Meet

Hi everyone,

I initiative sent this message to 2 of the core contributors but Lyubomir advised me to reach out to all of you. In short, at my company (Zenklub) we just did an all in on Jitsi Meet versus our old custom WebRTC solution. In this process we have found a few issues and would appreciate your guidance.

Not sure you noticed but lately I have written a few e-mail do the (users) mailing list trying to get some help. Either way, while I love the project I still think it lacks some documentation, which makes it hard for beginners to get up to speed. Having that said I would like to ask for advice on how can we get better at Jitsi Meet:

- Do you do any sort of consultancy or do you know someone that does?
- Have Atlassian considered doing some sort of Jitsi Meet academy?
- Are you guys open for a cooperation where I could spend some time with the team and as a contribution I would document Jitsi Meet as much as possible?
- Are there any extra hints you could provide for us at Zenklub to become more proficient with Jitsi Meet?

Would love to hear you thoughts.