[jitsi-dev] Cannot share screens (Linux & Windows)


Hello, I'm trying to do a video call with screen sharing using Jitsi, however I fail to.

A lot of features seems to work fine. Before committing to jitsi, I tested with a windows laptop and linux desktop computer to have conference. I have two accounts on the same XMPP provider, dukgo.com and I can chat and do an audio call in both ways. I managed (by accident) to send the cam from the windows computer to the linux one.

However I fail to share my screen. No error is specified and the host computer tells the screen is currently sharing on top of the desktop. However I see no image appear in the communication dialog of the client computer. Both the windows and the linux computer have the issue.

I launched jitsi from a terminal on linux, and while I was trying to share the gnome desktop, the terminal emitted at an unrestrained rate the following words over and over, without any newline.
    Key Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1

I attached the log folders from the windows computer and the linux one. Here are the specifications of the computers

Linux Computer:

windows_log.zip (10.5 KB)

linux_log.zip (60 KB)


OS/Distribution : Fedora Linux 23
Kernel : 4.4.6-301.fc23.x86_64
Java : openjdk version "1.8.0_77"
Desktop Environment : GNOME Shell 3.18.4
Jitsi version : Jitsi 2.8.5426

Jitsi was installed from the fedora repository provided in the official website.

Windows Computer :
OS/Distribution : Windows 8.1 Pro
Kernel : x64
Java : java version "1.8.0_73-b02"
Jitsi version : 2.8.5426

I'm really looking forward for a cross-platform free software to do video sharing. Jitsi looked like it can fit the bill. Thank you for any help with this issue. If you want any more information, let me know !

Thank you !