[jitsi-dev] Cannot connect

Hi Celeste,


I got this error after trying to login to the app:

An error occurred while logging in with account: User name: celeste, Server
name: ostel.co. This is most probably an internal application error. Please
report the problem to our developers mailing list (dev@jitsi.java.net)

Show some logs: https://jitsi.org/faq/logs


On 26 May 2014 07:42, celeste.kvsocial <celeste@kvsocial.com> wrote:

I followed these instructions carefully:

1. Make a free account here https://ostel.co

2. Download & Install https://jitsi.org/Main/Download

Be sure to check the "Auto-start when computer restarts or reboots option"

3. From the Jitsi software click File>"Add new account". Choose Network:

4. Put in your SIP ID as: "username@ostel.co" (very important you put the
full address in like an email address, put in the full "user@ostel.co" of
course including the @ sign and ostel.co part since the part after the @).
You will always use the full SIP ID and not just the username part as
remember many services and not just @ostel.co work with Jitsi so you must
indicate your full username and include the @ostel.co always.

5. Either click the left advanced button OR go to Tools>Options, select your
account and click "edit" button and you need to change some settings to
account so it can connect properly:

6. Click Connection Tab>Proxy Options>

Uncheck "Configure Proxy automatically"

Specify proxy as: ostel.co and port as 5061

Preferred transport, select "TLS" from the dropdown list.

7. Hit the "Next" button, then "Sign in" button.

8. Your status should now show you as "online"

and my teammates helped me review the configuration settings and everything
seemed to be in place. I rebooted the app and I rebooted my computer. This
is the version I installed: jitsi-2.5.5231-x64.exe

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