[jitsi-dev] Can you help me? Please?


I'm trying to get Jitsi to work but I'm not having very much luck. I've
played around with things until a friend of mine and I can see each
other on SIP but we simply can't talk to each other. When we try, the
call connects, but then neither of us hears the other one.

Additionally, when he downloaded the newest version of Jitsi, it
crashed. The mailing list suggested we delete the portaudio dll and he
did. Now, he has no audio system defined in Jitsi so, even if we COULD
connect to hear each other, we still couldn't.

I have been working on this for nearly three days now and am beyond
frustrated. I've switched DNS on both our computers to Google, enabled
IPTels proxy server, opened ports on both our firewalls, and yet, here
we are.

Can you help? I'm attaching two log files from our most recent call. One
is his, one is mine. He is on Microsoft Windows XP, I am on Fedora 18.

Thank you!

Harold-jitsi0.log.0 (20.7 KB)

Anthony-log.0 (127 KB)


Anthony Papillion
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