[jitsi-dev] Calls between Jitsi and Empathy, Compatibility issues

(removing dev@jitsi.java.net ... we are probably EOL-ing that soon)

Hey Conrad,

has anyone ever successfully established a (video) conversation between
an Empathy and a Jitsi endpoint.

Yup. Using H.263, about a couple of years ago.

Today I did some testing with the following reproducable results:
- Jitsi to Empathy: after picking up, Jitsi keeps ringing, Empathy shows
call in progress
- Empathy to Jitsi: established call, voice only from Empathy to Jitsi,
video the other way around only
Quite recent Empathy and Jitsi versions used. Results much different
than one year ago.

I am not at all surprised. If we can get Empathy developers to look into this we'd be happy to spend some time looking with them in January.

Has anyone tried Gajim as well?

I am personally not aware.

Is there a chance it would work?

There's always a chance :).

It should work. I don't believe we are doing anything non-standard so ...



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