[jitsi-dev] Build


i am new at ant and jitsi, my problem is quite simple i believe but
despite all my efforts i could not succeed. i cant build jitsi on
windows 7. i checked out the source code and did everyting on the web
site to build.when i run ant build it says build is successfull but
when i tried to run the application all i got are errors like the one

"Auto-properties start:
(org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unable to cache bundle:
reference:file:sc-bundles/argdelegation-service.jar -
java.io.IOException: Referenced file does not exist:

there are at least 30 errors like this one.

i search the source code directory but could not find sc-bundles
directory or anyting like it.

i appriciate any help , thanks in advance