[jitsi-dev] Bugs, questions, suggesions


Bugs: -pdfs not available to download in goodies page -when I start
jitsi while listening to music sound is cut, no matter what player I am
using. Restarting the player solves it -registration in jit.si
apparently does not offer https, does it? Questions: -how does this
registrarless feature in SIP work? Very easy to set up, but then I don't
know how to use it or how to invite people to call -since jitsi offers
no text encryption for SIP but offers it for XMPP, and XMPP has support
for encrypted video as well: what are the advantages of using SIP over
XMPP? To add: -maybe a nice feature would be to add a few basic effects
for the camera, such as image rotation, mirroring, color change. Or
allow video input to come from softwares that do this. Not high priority
but could be nice. -reminder that jitsi is still not in tables features
and features 2 of the wikipedia page of
Comparison_of_instant_messaging_clients. Maybe someone who knows those
technical details can add them there?