[jitsi-dev] Bugreport: interupped/scrambled audio


for Windows: Jitsi 2.9.5487 Win7 64Bit

Hi all,

the playback for an encrypted jitsi call which terminates on windows,
has interupptions/ is scrambled a bit.

I attached a mobile phone recording of my voice, the female voice is the
mobile owner .. It#s not a perfect recording, but it should make clear
how the problem is manifesting itself.

Callerclients vary from Linux 2.9.5489 to Android Alpha .

The first few minutes of the call are fine, no problems, but alter on,
we end up with those problems. Reinitiating the call, fixes it for a few

MPO: "something" like a buffer/array/list is running full after a few
minutes and then a bottleneck reveals itself.

best regards,


Sprachmemo 001.mp3 (216 KB)