[jitsi-dev] Bug when closing jitsi on a trayless system


Hi there,
according to your guidelines I'm supposed to report bugs here instead
of the bug tracker, so here it is.

At the moment Jitsi behaves as follows. If you attempt to close the
program by some general means, using you window managers
(tried with openbox) facilities for example, Jitsi will pop up a
dialogue that tells you that Jitsi got minimised to the tray instead
and that you should use File/Quit if you want to quit Jitsi.

What happens if there is no tray? The main window will vanish and the
dialogue will pop up. The only way to quit Jitsi now is to kill it
some other way, by sending SIGTERM for example. When you start it
again, it will still be 'minimised' to the non-existent tray, the state
seems to be stored somewhere in the .jitsi directory.

Anyway, I propose to remove the assumption that there is a tray, you
can just quit Jitsi instead of minimising it.

The full output at startup, including an exception regarding the
missing tray, can be found in the attached text file.


jitsi_startup.txt (6.83 KB)