[jitsi-dev] [BUG] Video preview frame is black on Ubuntu 12.04 VESA Driver for Nvidia VGA Card


Hi all,
I met a bug while using Jitsi version 2.2.4603.9615 on Ubuntu 12.04, the
problem is I can't see my friend camera and desktop screen in while video
call and share. But they can see mine. I try preview my camera from
tools->options->device , it found my camera using but the whole preview
frame is black.

Our Ubuntu has Nvidia VGA card, but I can not install nvidia driver for a
long time, but I can use this Ubuntu fine in daily working, I know that It
is using VESA driver for VGA card.

Pls help me, I want to use video call feature of Jitsi but don't want to
try install Nvidia Vga card driver anymore.