[jitsi-dev] Bug in role conflict code within ice4j

Hey all,

First off, thanks so much for all the great work on the Jitsi project.
It's a very awesome suite of voice/video tools.

In the course of trying to do some unusual things with Jitsi-Videobridge, I
found a bug in the ice4j code with regards to conflict resolution.

I posted a bug with a patch for it on the ice4j project at:


Basically, it looks like we're doing tie breaker comparison incorrectly in
ice4j, causing role conflict resolution to fail sometimes in ways that
would conflict with the specifications.

Another thing I added in it was a way to override the tieBreaker value so
that Jitsi-Videobridge could always win. Cases arise where
Jitsi-Videobridge does not operate properly if it is in the ICE-CONTROLLED
role in an aggressive nomination environment such as used by Chrome or (I
think) more recent Firefox.

Please let me know what you think.

Matthew Fredrickson

Hi guys,

Can’t find VideoBridge method used for RTP/RTCP data sending (like EndPoint.SendMessageOnDataChannel(string) or WebRtcDataStream.sendBinary() but for RTP). Could somebody direct me to that one ?
Probably, VideoBridge does not relay media data at all, just switches channels ?