[jitsi-dev] Blog articles about the GSoC and Jitsi-Hammer

Hi everyone.

As part of the Google Summer of Code, I started to write articles in my blog about what I learned during the GSoC, about the libraries I needed to use etc... and Emil told me to post the links int this mailing list, so here it goes.

I've already written 2 articles, the first one about ice4j ( http://blog.sharedmemory.fr/en/2014/06/22/gsoc-2014-part-1-ice4j/ ) and the second one about libjitsi ( http://blog.sharedmemory.fr/en/2014/07/07/gsoc-2014-part-2-ice4j-libjitsi/ ).

If you're interested and/or if you have any comments (good or bad) or suggestion, please don't hesitate to email me.

More will come later, but I'm a slow writer so it will take some times.


Thomas Kuntz.