[jitsi-dev] Binary Downloads naming convention

Could we get a more generic named file for the latest ubuntu/debian downloads. This would allow for scriptable fetching of always the most recent Jitsi with out having to update script when jitsi minor version changes



link jitsi_latest_and64.deb to jitsi_2.5-latest_amd64.deb
link jitsi_latest_i386.deb to jitsi_2.5-latest_i386.deb

then when 2.6 is release

link jitsi_latest_and64.deb to jitsi_2.6-latest_amd64.deb
link jitsi_latest_i386.deb to jitsi_2.6-latest_i386.deb

This mean person can always get the latest version with out having to know version number

than you