[jitsi-dev] AVTransmit2 and AVReceive2

Hi, I'm trying to use AVTransmit2 and AVReceive2. The sound is being
transferred but my voice sounds like a robot on the other end and I can't
figure out why. Jitsi itself works fine so I'm assuming the problem is
related to some configuration in AVTransmit2 or AVReceive2.

AVTransmit2 is running on a mac and somehow it detects my microphone with a
weird sample rate of 32000Hz:

Logitech USB Headset : maccoreaudio:#AppleUSBAudioEngine:Logitech:Logitech
USB Headset:fa130000:2,1

LINEAR, 32000.0 Hz, 16-bit, Mono, LittleEndian, Signed

Could it be related? AVReceive2 is running on a windows machine.

Any clues as to what could be causing the distortion?

Also, I noticed that MediaService.getDevices() seems to only return capture
devices. Is it only for me or is it always like that? I had to do this hack
to get the proper list of playback devices:


And then instantiate the device manually:

CaptureDeviceInfo2 deviceInfo = deviceInfos.get(0);

MediaDevice device = new AudioMediaDeviceImpl(deviceInfo);

What is the proper way to get the list of playback devices?

And finally, how come all devices, including playback ones, are described
with CaptureDeviceInfo2? I saw many places in the code where a playback
device seems to be considered the same as a capture device. Why is that?