[jitsi-dev] Authorization request


I occasionally get authorization requests and wish I could get a little
more information. The current authorization request dialog includes the
username and any brief comments from the user. However I wish it
included the following:

* Which of my accounts is the contact requesting authorization on? This
can provide context to how they might know me. (Is this person
contacting my work account, or a personal account). Second, I might
have a preference about which account a particular person uses to
contact me (for example keeping work contacts on a particular account so
that I can disconnect from those contacts after-hours, or checking that
a sensitive contact is contacting me on an account that trust for
privacy). Lastly, it might be interesting to know if a particular
account is attracting most of the spam authorization requests.

* What is the contact's full address (including the part after the @
sign)? For federated XMPP and SIP this might be a different domain name
than my own account. This can be useful to check whether I've received
emails from that particular address.

* Any other known information (such as real name, photo/avatar, etc.)