[jitsi-dev] Audio mixing and recording with libjitsi (any help appreciated)



Thanks to everyone involved on the development of the libjitsi library, it
seems to be the most up-to-date media library for Java.

I need some guidance on how to accomplish a couple of tasks with the
library and will appreciate any help provided.

My application receives 2 RTP audio streams on 2 different ports via UDP.

I have no idea how to turn the UDP sockets receiving the streams into an
object that I can manipulate with libjitsi.

My intention is to do the following:

- Mix both audio streams into a single stream.
- Store the resulting audio stream into an .mp4 or .wav file
- Trans-code the resulting stream (like, from g722 to ulaw)

Checking the Java DOC for the API it seems that the class:


will help me to generate the recording, but I can't find an example of how
to use it.

For mixing it seems:


is the class that I should use, but again there is no example on how to use

Where can I find examples about using those clases?

Can anyone give me some pointers on the steps that I need to follow to get
this done?

Thank you,