[jitsi-dev] Audio choppy and jitter in Jitsi android


Hi Sir,

I integrated Jitsi android into our product, it communicates with a door phone camera over WIFI. But I found the PCMU audio hearing at the camera often choppy and jitter (The audio is captured by jitsi-android and transferred to the camera). This issue will be severe especially when the wifi network is bad. I've debugged the local audio capturing, the local audio recorded by jitsi is correct.
I suspect there are probably some RTP/RTCP bugs in jitsi-android libjitsi.jar. I got from Github commits history that from early 2014(android version libjitsi) to now, there are many bug fixes for RTP/RTCP. If so, I will porting the latest libjitsi.jar to android platform. Do you have any advice for me?

Ke Jiao