[jitsi-dev] Audio and Video woes - was Re: release poll

Hi Philipp

I wouldn’t say - from my point of experience - that all calls have had problems - not only I would have dropped the program long ago if it wasn’t that way.

But the point is right. There are many nasty things that can happen in between an often - Murphy’s law applies and connecion problems strike when one least needs them. :frowning:

I made good progress as sound quality is concerned when I deactivated the Opus codec and forced Speex or G722 which I know from other VoIP software I used in the past. Other users might have made different observations. There is a lot one can tweak with the many settings and options, such as lowering the video definition to get a better - fluent - image intead of artefacts and so on. Then it seems to make a difference it Jitsi has been started recently or is on standby for a while or even went through suspend …

With all these thing in mind, Jitsi is usable for many use cases. However the knowledge about this factors is not very wide spread and there are no user groups or cook books yet. So we all try all on our own. So I think, that we, the users should share more of our knowledge - and perhaps - many of the problems arise from only a few flaws in the code, relatively easy to fix, once the’re cornered.




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Betreff: Re: [jitsi-dev] release poll - My humble proposal on what to do before release

On Thu, 5 Dec 2013 09:14:36 +0100 Ingo Bauersachs ingo@jitsi.org wrote:

We make a couple of thousand calls daily with Jitsi and it works

perfectly well.

Whatever problem you may have with voice quality, it must have

something to do with a specific constellation of OS, soundsystem and


Freundliche Grüsse,

Ingo Bauersachs

It’s incredible how much the user experience differs. I haven’t had a

single video call without either video or audio problems.

One explanation for this discrepancy is that I tested jitsi over the

internet, in the wild. I’m assuming that you do your calls in a LAN or

some other controllable environment.



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