[jitsi-dev] attach-unattach video



I tested video call with both latest jitsi 2.0 stable and latest nightly
build with a Grandstream GXV3175 phone.

Usually a video call works fine if I don't play around with attach/unattach
video. Usually after a few sequences of attach/unattach video video stops
working and at some point the entire call drops or jitsi just chrashes

I looked over the jitsi logs but I don't find any exception or error, only
in wireshark I get a 408 Request timeout SIP message

I first thought that there is something wrong with the Grandstream phone,
but I then tried with jitsi and I hit the same resoults. Could it be NAT
related, or are there any settings I can do in jitsi to workaround this?

I am wondering if anyone else experienced such behavior