[jitsi-dev] (asking clarifications) JavaEmbededFrame at startup and vertical tabs in chat window


Hello !

We are computer science students and we have to work on a open source
project in order to add some small contributions and understand its
organizations. As Jitsi is coded in Java, is really interesting, well
documented and commented, and has a dynamic community, we have set the
anchor there !

We have some small questions about features and bugs :

1 / Using the SVN-build version and the linux-version on debian, we get
an empty JavaEmbeddedFrame at startup. Is this a bug that can be solved
or a consequence of a bigger issue ? I have got a screen shot :

2/ We have started working on that feature :
http://java.net/jira/browse/JITSI-1051. Basically, it asks to do some
modifications in order to allow users to show the tabs vertically in the
ChatWindow. As the interface has change since this post and as it is
managed by a ConversationTabbedPane which implements a
SIPCommTabbedPaneEnhancedUI, would such feature be, from your point of
view, doable in a short time ?

Thank you,
Mathieu Demarne.


Mathieu Demarne