[jitsi-dev] App on Top

Hey Joel,

Thanks for your kind words.

Currently forcing the app to remain on top is not possible. You may
however find the various global shortcuts that we have useful.
Ctrl+Shift+L will always show the contact list for example.

You can check all the combinations in the "Keybindings" section of
your advanced configuration options. I am attaching a screenshot.

Hope this helps,


On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 11:49 AM, Joel Undin <joel@compmedia.se> wrote:

I really like your phone. It kicks ass with Bria, X-Beam and whatever other SiP phones I've found on the market.

Compliments aside I'd like to ask if It's possible to have Jitsi always on top? Is there's an option that I'm missing?

King regards,
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