[jitsi-dev] Android checkout and build steps for Eclipse and Ant


Ok, I'm relatively new to ant. Missing "sdk.dir" is fixed by running:

   android update project -p /local_path_jitsi_android_tree/

The ant build works fine and running "ant make / ant run" seems to have
also fixed the problem with the Eclipse build crashing on device
application start. If I figure out what was going on with Eclipse-first in
detail I will report back.



On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 1:17 PM, Stephen Gutknecht (hilltx) < stephen@hilltx.com> wrote:

I'm on latest ADT/Eclipse bundle from Google and I"m able to send
jitsi-android down from Enclipse to the device where immediately can't load
it's own classes - no spash screen or anything.

I also gave ant a go, it says:

jitsi-android/build.xml:46: sdk.dir is missing.

I did a git clone only of jitsi-android - not any other jistsi projects.
Is this my beginner problem.... Is there a current set of steps on full
checkout and build?

Thank you.